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My MatsuriCon Story!

My story on MatsuriCon for Columbus Monthly magazine has finally been posted to its website. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the way it turned out but whatever…it’s too late to complain now. It’s difficult to write about anime for an audience that’s thoroughly unfamiliar with it, but it was good clean fun.


Kyle Hebert Interviews Micah Solusod at Matsuricon 2010

And yours truly is walking by in the background. I’m immortalized on YouTube!

My First Con

So I’m going to my first anime convention today and I’m more than a little nervous. What if I’m the oldest person there? What if I’m too dressed up? The last thing I want is to look like someone’s mother. What if I’m not “down” enough? The fact that I’m not only going as a fan but as a writer (I’m doing a piece on the con for Columbus Monthly magazine) throws an extra monkey wrench in the works. In preparation for this story, I’ve found that anime/manga fans aren’t very receptive to the media, which is understandable, I suppose…especially when nearly every story written about them is condescending in some way. *sigh* I guess I should stop my whining and go and see what happens. Matsuricon, here I come!