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Fan Fiction Friday!!!

Happy spring, fellow fangirls! I’ve spent most of the last month reading every new Kakasaku fic I could find (and re-reading all of the good old ones). I’m kind of Kakasaku’d out for the moment. *sad face* But I just had give alifestylechoice some props for her piece, “Heart of Patience.”

I’ve been reading alifestyle’s stories for a while now and I’ve been waiting for her to write a one-shot that I could recommend and not feel like a complete and utter pervert (seriously, “Summer and Secrets”? “The Third Time”? *blinks* Wow). It’s finally here! In “Heart of Patience,” Sakura is working herself to the bone, desperately trying to find a cure for blindness that the Sharingan is causing. Sasuke is already blind as a bat and she doesn’t want the same to happen to Kakashi. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself and having already “let Sasuke down,” she’s frantically trying to keep Kakashi from suffering the same fate.

I enjoyed this story because while on the surface it’s a race against time to solve a very tangible problem, the underneath the underneath is wrapped up in pride and failure and acceptance. And, yes, love. Kakashi and Sakura’s relationship is so comfortable that them falling in love is mostly treated like a byproduct of the friendship they’ve built over time. There are no fireworks, no gazing across a room and wanting to tear each other’s clothes off. They just grow together until they realize they can’t live without one another. And, really, isn’t that the best kind of love? *sigh*

Rated PG. Grade: B.


Fan Fiction Friday!!!

OK, so work has been kicking my butt lately and I’ve slacked off on posting all month. For the three people who read this blog, I’m sorry. For the one person who likes my Fan Fiction Friday recommendations, I’m extra sorry. Let me make it up to you with this entry. Since I missed an FFF post a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to give you two recs (two!) for the price of one. They’re both Kakashi/Sakura, of course, because they’re my standby couple.

Up this week are two dystopian works-in-progress, both of which ponder what would happen if Danzo was in charge of Konoha for any significant amount of time. The answer? Corruption, mass destruction, and chaos. In Cynchick’s “Will of Fire,” Tsunade’s still healing from facing off against Pein and Danzo eighty-sixes her before she has a chance resume her role as Hokage, using his ROOT forces to take control of the village. But the coup doesn’t stop with Tsunade. No, he wants just about everyone who’s loyal to her taking a dirt nap (Kakashi, Naruto, Shikamaru…the list goes on and on). The survivors escape and start to mount a resistance to win back Konoha from the evil dictator.

So far, seven chapters in, Kakashi and Sakura have only shared a couple of moments (including a very touching scene where he confides in her in front of the cenotaph), but it really doesn’t matter because I’m drawn in by the larger story more than the KakaSaku aspect of it. Will Naruto’s rebel army be victorious? Will Hinata get caught spying on Danzo? Is Karin really loyal to the cause or is she just waiting for the perfect time to rat everyone out? Where the author is going with this is all a mystery, but I’m happily following along.

While Cynchick’s Danzo tries to terminate all remnants of Tsunade’s regime with brute force in “Will of Fire,” SilverShine’s Danzo has a different way of destroying his enemies in “Scarlet Scroll.” This story is based on SilverShine’s short fic “Fraud” and in it, Danzo’s forcing kunoichi to, um, “acquire” the jutsus of enemy ninja through seduction missions. The hope is that each seduction will end in pregnancy and the pregnancy will produce a child who takes after his father, thus making him or her an asset to Konoha’s military defenses. He’s clearly trying to break both Sakura and Kakashi simultaneously by sending her on one of these missions and making Kakashi act as her handler. Sakura can’t disobey his orders and live, and Kakashi is completely helpless, unable to protect her from what’s being forced upon her. After some pretty intense interactions with her target, she gets the bright idea that if Kakashi impregnates her instead, then she can stop whoring herself out, they can go home and all will be right with the world. Right? Probably not. Nine chapters in, the deed is done and I’m impatiently waiting for SilverShine to post her next chapter.

I thought long and hard about whether to recommend this one. It’s fairly graphic and it reminds me a lot of Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, in which all aspects of women’s lives — including when and with whom they have sex — are tightly controlled by men. Some scenes are kind of squicky but it goes with the territory, I suppose; the storyline itself is a bit squicky. I would imagine that a truly loyal ninja would feel obligated to do a great deal of repulsive things for his or her village, including use one’s body to obtain information. (And, really, is that more or less disgusting than teaching children to kill?) I generally try to avoid reccing fics that are extremely explicit, but SilverShine’s work is so challenging, so thought-provoking, that it practically recommends itself. Suck up the squick and concentrate on the narrative.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Scarlet Scroll. Rated M (but it’s almost an NC-17). Grade: A.

Will of Fire. Rated M. Grade B+.

Attention KakaSaku Lovers!

It's Kakashi...on a pumpkin!

Happy November, fellow fangirls! I’ve just discovered that the gals over at the KakaSaku LiveJournal community have another awesome challenge going on now through November 11. It’s the Underneath the Underneath Anonymous KakaSaku Challenge and there are a boatload of participants. I can’t vouch for any of the writers, but here’s to hoping I find something interesting. So excuse me because I’ll be over here reading KakaSaku fics until my eyeballs bleed.

Fan Fiction Friday!!!

When I was in the 7th grade, I became convinced that the mother of one of my classmates had died in a horrible car accident. I told a friend that I’d found a picture of a woman in my mother’s high school yearbook who’d looked like the boy in question and that they had the same last name. My mother told me she’d died in a car crash a few years after they’d graduated. That was all my friend and I had to go on—all we’d needed, apparently—and we began trying to research the mystery woman’s past and attempting to get close enough to our classmate in hopes of hearing him talk about his family life growing up.

After a few weeks, my friend got bored, but me? Every little scrap of new information, no matter how small, made me feel giddy. I was Nancy Drew, putting together this puzzle no one had solved yet. A month in, when I was at a total impasse, I realized this wasn’t a puzzle. It was someone’s life and I was prying, making myself privy to way more information than I’d ever had the right to. I felt ashamed, the cool, almost scientific detachment melted away, and stopped my “investigation” immediately. I was reminded of my complete lapse in judgment when I came across Eldr-Fire’s “Static.”

Sakura’s fascination with Kakashi’s life before Team 7 goes into full-on voyeur mode when she finds video tapes with his name on them at Kurenai’s apartment. (It’s not what you’re thinking…keep reading.) She steals one and is treated to a few glimpses of his teenage years, with Asuma acting as the narrator/interviewer. Making out with Rin, hanging out with Genma, Gai, and Asuma…these encounters are day-in-the-life-of scenarios of a teen who just happens to be a trained killer. No harm, no foul, right? But the tape doesn’t curb Sakura’s thirst for knowledge; it drives her to find out more about him. So she steals another tape and another and another until she has a picture of Kakashi in her head that is irreconcilable with the person she knows in real life.

The weight of what Sakura discovers drags down their relationship and her actions become so pushy, so invasive, that it’s clear that she’s more than willing to sacrifice their present in order to find out about his past. It’s one of the few well-written KakaSaku fics I’ve read that doesn’t end well for the couple…and rightfully so. It’s natural to want to know intimate things about the person you’re dating, but do you really want to know everything? And how does that affect your interactions with your significant other? Does knowing everything create emotional intimacy or simply allow you to indulge your nosiness? If it’s emotional intimacy you want, doesn’t it mean more when you don’t have to force it?

Eldr-Fire does a great job of using audible references to static in different ways throughout the story (the static at the end of each scene on the tapes, the static that crackles on the phone line when Kakashi sighs, etc.), but this isn’t why “Static” is a great title for the piece. The author seems to be using the word’s definition (“pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary position”) to allude to the overall inability to let go. Asuma promised Kakashi that he’d burned the tapes and he never did. Even though she knew of Asuma’s promise, Kurenai is still holding onto them because they’re a part of what made Asuma Asuma. Kakashi can’t let go of his past and neither can Sakura. Being unable to let go ensures that the past will continue to haunt them all.

Rated M. Grade: A.

(FYI Eldr-Fire gets an extra glomp for depicting Kurenai and Asuma’s kid as a pint-sized version of Shikamaru. He’s so calculating, such a little strategist, and you just know that he’d be that way from hanging out with Shika all of the time. Love.)

Hot For Teacher: Shipping KakaSaku

With all of the potential relationships brimming right under the surface in anime and manga, it’s difficult not to have an OTP (one true pair). There are plenty of pairs that could turn into couples based on their interactions in canon if manga creators chose to go that route, but I find most of these pairings lame to the tenth power. Naruto and Hinata? Kinda boring. Ichigo and Inoue? Definitely boring. Naruto and Sakura? Blech. Lee and Sakura? That’s just scary. Sakura and Sasuke? Heeeelllll no. These are far too one-sided to be any good; the partner who wants the relationship the most would most likely bear the brunt of the responsibility for maintaining it.

Side note: On the shipworthiness of Shikamaru and Temari, I think Temari would just browbeat Shikamaru into doing what she wanted and he would go along with it because it would be “too troublesome” to do otherwise. Same would go for Ichigo and Rukia. And Ino and Choji. The only couples that are, as church folk like to say, “equally yoked” are Roy and Riza, and Winry and Ed.

I’m shipping RoyRiza pretty hardcore right now, but for my OTP, I prefer to go completely non-canonical, so it’s Kakashi and Sakura for the win. (By the way, I’m not talking about an underage Sakura. I’m talking about a 21-and-over Sakura. I’m not into Lolita-esque coupling. Gross.) I don’t remember exactly which fanfic got me hooked on KakaSaku, but there are so many things that would make their relationship deliciously complicated and oh so satisfying. The two big ones are:

1) The age difference. Kakashi is/was Sakura’s sensei. Yes, yes, it’s cliche, but it provides so much tension. She’s 14 years his junior so people would assume he’s robbing the cradle. Whether he is varies from fic to fic. Either way, most fan fiction writers exploit the bone of contention a relationship like this would cause among Sakura and Kakashi’s friends and family. Think about how you’ve reacted to a situation like that in real life. Were you supportive of the couple in question? Or did you turn up your nose?

2) Emotional maturity, or lack thereof. The biggest point to consider when shipping KakaSaku is that Kakashi is (and always will be) emotionally unavailable and Sakura is (and always will be) emotionally starved. I’ve talked about this before. I think that Kakashi’s need to protect his comrades could be easily misread when it comes to his female comrades. And Sakura’s urge to heal makes her vulnerable to hooking up with “fixer uppers.”

Why am I talking about relationships that don’t exist in canon? Because I’m a woman and we’re genetically predisposed to talk about relationships? Maybe it has something to do with having a uterus. I don’t know. Discuss.

(Shout out to the ladies over at the KakaSaku Livejournal Community! You rock my world!)

Fan Fiction Friday!!!

There’s a lot of bad fan fiction out there. I mean, a lot. But if you search hard enough, you’ll come across some real gems, stories so well written that it doesn’t matter if you don’t ship the main couple or even remotely agree with the plot. Any good story allows you to willingly suspend your disbelief for the greater good of the piece. So as a service to you, dear reader, I will be scouring the Internet to bring you the world’s best ficcage in what I’m going to call FAN FICTION FRIDAY. Every other Friday, I will give you an awesome fic, a tasty morsel of grand storytelling into which you can sink your teeth.

For my inaugural FFF post, I’ve chosen the most epic of epic KakaSaku fics: “House of Crows” by SilverShine. I’m a writer/editor by trade and as such, I’m drawn to fan fiction writers who have a crystal clear understanding of plot development. SilverShine is a goddess among men when it comes to this and “House of Crows” is her pièce de résistance. In it, a 20-year-old Sakura discovers a life-changing secret about Kakashi, which makes her question her entire relationship with her old sensei. While the one night of awkward sex (yes, they have sex…consider yourself warned) and subsequent pregnancy plays a prominent role in the fic, it’s nothing compared to the lie Kakashi’s been living. I like this piece because SilverShine takes the notion of family and turns it on its ear. Family isn’t just those related by blood and loyalty to one’s country isn’t as black and white as it may seem. This fic is long, really long (46 chapters), but it’s definitely worth the read.

Rated M. Grade: A+