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Fan Fiction Friday!!!

OK, so I have a boyfriend. A good one. He cooks, he cleans, he enjoys anime and graphic novels, he talks about his feelings, and best of all? He adores me. He thinks the fact that I can debate him on why Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight is neither better nor worse than Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the original Batman movie makes me the bee’s knees. All of this is fine and good (it’s pretty awesome, actually), but it seems to be changing the type of fan fiction I’m reading. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the angsty stuff. However, I’m finding myself hunting for stories that are bit on the fluffy side, which is why I’m loving SilverShine’s “The Girl from Whirlpool” right now.

“Whirlpool” is the story of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Ukimake, and how they came to be a couple. I have to admit that I never really thought about Minato and Kushina in any way other than them being Naruto’s parents. But when you think about it, their backstory is so sad and tragic that the only way to get through it is to give yourself a little shot of fluff. As usual, SilverShine’s writing is superb. Her descriptions of battles are full of action and detail (her explanation of how Minato developed his Flying Thunder God technique is especially good), but of course, it’s the budding romance between the two main characters that takes center stage. Kushina is temperamental and mouthy, but it’s all a cover for the pain she’s had to endure. And Minato. Oh, Minato. SilverShine makes him so sweet and awkward yet thoughtful and strong. You can easily see how their traits and quirks make Naruto who he is. This story is a work in progress so who knows when she’ll actually finish it, but it doesn’t matter. After reading chapter 504 of Naruto Shippuden, you’ll need “The Girl from Whirlpool” to balance the angst.

p.s.: SilverShine gets an extra large glomp for her ability to make all of the side storylines mesh perfectly with Minato and Kushina’s story. Be on the lookout for Orochimaru, Kakashi and Sakumo, and even a little bit of Obito.

The Girl from Whirlpool. Rated T. Grade A.


Fan Fiction Friday!!!

I think I’ve mentioned multiple times that I like the idea of Shikamaru/Kurenai and not so much Shikamaru/Temari or Shikamaru/Ino, but Bob5’s Every Cloud has all three and it works.

The Shika-centric fic revolves around his inability to understand any of the women in his life. If you think about it, his relationships with Kurenai, Ino, and Temari make sense; any of them could end up moving toward romance. He wants to help Kurenai take care of her baby after Asuma’s death and spending so much time with her could lead to feelings he can’t control (no matter how much he tried). He’s closest with Ino, whom he’s known since he was a child and a friendship like that might be a decent foundation for a relationship (if Ino wasn’t, you know, Ino). And Temari? His relationship with her is nearly canon for the sheer fact that almost every time she appears in the manga or anime, he’s somewhere nearby; I could see him attracted to Temari’s pragmatism, but finding her competitive nature “troublesome.”

“Every Cloud” easily analyzes and categorizes Shikamaru’s three relationships, but this paragraph clearly shows that he’d trade all of them to have Asuma back:

“Shikamaru still dreams of a simple life. He dreams of a wife who is quiet and kind and children who are clever and well behaved. He dreams of Asuma. These are the dreams he relishes the most. He tells Asuma all his problems over cigarettes and a game of Go (strangely, in the dream, Asuma always wins) and his sensei laughs and slaps him on the back with a large, powerful hand and says, “The one thing you need to know about women is…” and it is here that Shikamaru always wakes up with a pain in his shoulder and an ache in his chest.”

Oh, Shikamaru. You and your women and your absolutely clumsiness when it comes them, despite the fact that you’re a genius. My heart goes out to you.

Every Cloud. Rated T. Grade: B+

Fan Fiction Friday!!!

OK, so work has been kicking my butt lately and I’ve slacked off on posting all month. For the three people who read this blog, I’m sorry. For the one person who likes my Fan Fiction Friday recommendations, I’m extra sorry. Let me make it up to you with this entry. Since I missed an FFF post a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to give you two recs (two!) for the price of one. They’re both Kakashi/Sakura, of course, because they’re my standby couple.

Up this week are two dystopian works-in-progress, both of which ponder what would happen if Danzo was in charge of Konoha for any significant amount of time. The answer? Corruption, mass destruction, and chaos. In Cynchick’s “Will of Fire,” Tsunade’s still healing from facing off against Pein and Danzo eighty-sixes her before she has a chance resume her role as Hokage, using his ROOT forces to take control of the village. But the coup doesn’t stop with Tsunade. No, he wants just about everyone who’s loyal to her taking a dirt nap (Kakashi, Naruto, Shikamaru…the list goes on and on). The survivors escape and start to mount a resistance to win back Konoha from the evil dictator.

So far, seven chapters in, Kakashi and Sakura have only shared a couple of moments (including a very touching scene where he confides in her in front of the cenotaph), but it really doesn’t matter because I’m drawn in by the larger story more than the KakaSaku aspect of it. Will Naruto’s rebel army be victorious? Will Hinata get caught spying on Danzo? Is Karin really loyal to the cause or is she just waiting for the perfect time to rat everyone out? Where the author is going with this is all a mystery, but I’m happily following along.

While Cynchick’s Danzo tries to terminate all remnants of Tsunade’s regime with brute force in “Will of Fire,” SilverShine’s Danzo has a different way of destroying his enemies in “Scarlet Scroll.” This story is based on SilverShine’s short fic “Fraud” and in it, Danzo’s forcing kunoichi to, um, “acquire” the jutsus of enemy ninja through seduction missions. The hope is that each seduction will end in pregnancy and the pregnancy will produce a child who takes after his father, thus making him or her an asset to Konoha’s military defenses. He’s clearly trying to break both Sakura and Kakashi simultaneously by sending her on one of these missions and making Kakashi act as her handler. Sakura can’t disobey his orders and live, and Kakashi is completely helpless, unable to protect her from what’s being forced upon her. After some pretty intense interactions with her target, she gets the bright idea that if Kakashi impregnates her instead, then she can stop whoring herself out, they can go home and all will be right with the world. Right? Probably not. Nine chapters in, the deed is done and I’m impatiently waiting for SilverShine to post her next chapter.

I thought long and hard about whether to recommend this one. It’s fairly graphic and it reminds me a lot of Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, in which all aspects of women’s lives — including when and with whom they have sex — are tightly controlled by men. Some scenes are kind of squicky but it goes with the territory, I suppose; the storyline itself is a bit squicky. I would imagine that a truly loyal ninja would feel obligated to do a great deal of repulsive things for his or her village, including use one’s body to obtain information. (And, really, is that more or less disgusting than teaching children to kill?) I generally try to avoid reccing fics that are extremely explicit, but SilverShine’s work is so challenging, so thought-provoking, that it practically recommends itself. Suck up the squick and concentrate on the narrative.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Scarlet Scroll. Rated M (but it’s almost an NC-17). Grade: A.

Will of Fire. Rated M. Grade B+.

Attention KakaSaku Lovers!

It's Kakashi...on a pumpkin!

Happy November, fellow fangirls! I’ve just discovered that the gals over at the KakaSaku LiveJournal community have another awesome challenge going on now through November 11. It’s the Underneath the Underneath Anonymous KakaSaku Challenge and there are a boatload of participants. I can’t vouch for any of the writers, but here’s to hoping I find something interesting. So excuse me because I’ll be over here reading KakaSaku fics until my eyeballs bleed.

Fan Fiction Friday!!!

I have a very short list of favorite fan fiction writers and Redbrunja is among them, somewhere near the top. Why? Because her writing is so well done, so spot on, that she can make me ship just about anything. And I do mean anything.

Red is the master of the quick fic, capable of saying a lot with very few words. (Take this little gem, for  example: Naruto/Sakura, take 1: He’d rather be Second Best than Dead Last. Ugh, I don’t even like those two together but this kills me.) But when she does go long, more often than not, it’s made of all kinds of win. One of the many pairings I’ve come to appreciate more due to Red’s writing is Tsunade/Jiraiya.

At first glance, these two are either comic relief or used as a parallel to Naruto and Sakura’s relationship. I didn’t even think twice about how complicated and angst-y their relationship is/was until I read “Jester.” In it, Jiraiya gets his shot at Tsunade, only to realize that he loves her in the worst way and is an absolute fool for doing so. The story gives some additional context to support the way they interact in canon. Jiraiya is always attempting to ease Tsunade’s fears, playing the role of the lovable, happy-go-lucky wanderer to her head-strong leader. He knows he’ll never break through the walls she’s built up around herself; all he can do is play his position.

Like with all of her fics, Red covers a lot of ground in a few sentences, using words sparingly to mark whole periods of time without rushing the narrative. The sentences “Jiraiya was on a mission when she met Dan” and “Jiraiya was on a mission when she lost Dan” are only a sentence apart, indicative of the cruel way fate has given Tsunade happiness and then just as quickly, taken it away. It’s the fleeting nature of happiness that Tsunade runs from right up until Jiraiya’s death.

For all intents and purposes, I think Jiraiya is a romantic. A lecherous horndog of a romantic but a romantic nonetheless. But his relationship with Tsunade is the one thing he can’t truly gloss over the way he does everything else. She won’t let him. In “Jester,” he finally sees why she can’t.

Grade: A. Rated NC-17. (Please heed the rating.)

Fan Fiction Friday!!!

The other day, I was re-watching the Naruto Shippuden episode of Asuma’s funeral, the one where Shikamaru cries. Ugh, whenever I see it, it leaves me a bit teary eyed…it also leaves me feenin’ hardcore for a good Shika/Kurenai fic. As much as everyone likes the idea of Shikamaru with Temari, he would not trifle with young women who are barely out of their teens. Under all of his laziness, Shika’s an old soul and he should be with an older woman.

Like Kurenai.

In PSITeleport’s “One Last Smoke,” it’s the fifth anniversary of Asuma’s death, and Kurenai coaxes Shikamaru into smoking a cigarette for her, Asuma’s brand. He exhales the smoke and she breaths it in, and the act smacks of desperation, the need to have something she can never have again weighing down her soul. Although married to Temari, Shikamaru seems to fully understand that even with something as innocuous as smoking a cigarette, he is carrying on an emotional affair with Kurenai. They are bound to one another; Asuma’s death saw to that.

Of course, hooking up with her dead baby daddy’s student would be thoroughly frowned upon and Kurenai would never confuse Shikamaru’s loyalty to Asuma and dedication to their child with romantic love for her. But we can still pretend that she would. *sigh*

Rated T. Grade: B

Hinata Needs a Sassy Gay Friend

It worked wonders for Juliet, Eve, Ophelia, and Desdemona. He would’ve stopped her from being a total martyr in that Pain fight: