Fan Fiction Friday!!!

Happy spring, fellow fangirls! I’ve spent most of the last month reading every new Kakasaku fic I could find (and re-reading all of the good old ones). I’m kind of Kakasaku’d out for the moment. *sad face* But I just had give alifestylechoice some props for her piece, “Heart of Patience.”

I’ve been reading alifestyle’s stories for a while now and I’ve been waiting for her to write a one-shot that I could recommend and not feel like a complete and utter pervert (seriously, “Summer and Secrets”? “The Third Time”? *blinks* Wow). It’s finally here! In “Heart of Patience,” Sakura is working herself to the bone, desperately trying to find a cure for blindness that the Sharingan is causing. Sasuke is already blind as a bat and she doesn’t want the same to happen to Kakashi. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself and having already “let Sasuke down,” she’s frantically trying to keep Kakashi from suffering the same fate.

I enjoyed this story because while on the surface it’s a race against time to solve a very tangible problem, the underneath the underneath is wrapped up in pride and failure and acceptance. And, yes, love. Kakashi and Sakura’s relationship is so comfortable that them falling in love is mostly treated like a byproduct of the friendship they’ve built over time. There are no fireworks, no gazing across a room and wanting to tear each other’s clothes off. They just grow together until they realize they can’t live without one another. And, really, isn’t that the best kind of love? *sigh*

Rated PG. Grade: B.


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