My Top Five Favorite Anime Intros

I know people who swear that if an anime’s theme song sucks, then the anime itself will suck, too. I don’t prescribed to that thinking (sometimes it does…sometimes it doesn’t), but it is pleasantly surprising when a song matches the feel of a show. So I give you my top five favorite anime intros:

1. Cowboy Bebop, “Tank.” Could there be a more perfect theme song for Cowboy Bebop than “Tank”? The jazzy intro naturally enhances the film noir aspects of the show.

2. Gunslinger Girl, “The Light Before We Land.” There is something so desperate and heart-breaking yet hopeful about Gunslinger Girl and “The Light Before We Land” captures that feeling perfectly.

3. Samurai Champloo, “Battlecry.” Despite its many flaws, I still love some forms of hip-hop and this song works so well for Sam Cham. It’s brash and cocky, just like Mugen and Jin.

4. Naruto Shippuden, “Hero’s Come Back.” The first of (many) Shippuden intros, “Hero’s Come Back” sets the tone for the title character’s return. He’s back and finally ready to prove his worth to the village he’s sworn to protect.

5. Paranoia Agent, “Yume No Shima Shinen Kouen.” Who else but Satoshi Kon would want his characters laughing to an upbeat song as the world falls apart around them? Creepy. But then again, he did make Perfect Blue and Paprika, so it fits.

What are your favorites?


2 responses to “My Top Five Favorite Anime Intros

  • hearthesea

    I remember coming across the opening to ‘Gunslinger Girl’ a while ago — it inspired me to look into the band that provided the song (The Delgados). Great music. I agree about the ‘desperate’ quality — it feels quite bittersweet and nostalgic somehow. If the actual Anime is anywhere near as good as the song, I’ll definitely enjoy it. (Still need to get around to watching it, ack.)

    As for Bebop, I actually prefer the ending theme, ‘The Real Folk Blues’. Beautiful stuff. (Although ‘Tank!’ is still good…hell, most of the OST is great in that series.)

    My favourite openings would probably be the ones from ‘Serial Experiments Lain’, ‘Welcome to the N.H.K’ and ‘Gunslinger Girl’.

    • fangirlsdelight

      Oh, you have to watch Gunslinger Girl. It’s fantastic! And another plus is it doesn’t go on forever like some anime (it’s only 13 episodes). I skipped part 2, though. The animation is completely different and the intro is nowhere near as good as the original.

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