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Hinata Needs a Sassy Gay Friend

It worked wonders for Juliet, Eve, Ophelia, and Desdemona. He would’ve stopped her from being a total martyr in that Pain fight:


Why Naruto is the Kenny G of Anime/Manga

I’m a huge jazz fan (jazz of bebop/straight ahead/hard bop/post bop variety) and although I hate “smooth” jazz with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns—think Boney James or Kenny G or David Sanborn—I guess I can understand why some people can dig it. If you aren’t a hardcore jazz fan, you don’t care about things like, say, being able to name all of the personnel on each of Wayne Shorter’s albums or spending hours in triple-digit heat at an outdoor summer jazz festival. If you’re into smooth jazz, it’s just background music, something you halfway listen to while doing other things. However, hardcore jazz fans don’t really appreciate interlopers who don’t take the art form seriously. The same could probably be said for hardcore anime/manga fans.

I don’t think that people who are only into Naruto are seen as true fans of the art form. Like smooth jazz, Naruto is very basic—it’s not horrible but it could certainly be better. But I think it connects people for that very reason. A few of my friends (a married mother of two and an ultra-religious single guy) surprised me earlier this year by telling me they’re into Naruto and I’ve squee’d until my heart’s content over KakaSaku with a few Twitter regulars. This sense of camaraderie is pretty sweet, but while I’m waiting anxiously the release of the next volume of Tsutomu Nihei’s Biomega and planning to read Osamu Tezuka’s Swallowing the Earth, I doubt that they’ll be doing the same. Naruto‘s probably it for them. And, really, that’s OK. Because like hardcore jazz fans who constantly try to make you feel like crap because you aren’t as knowledgeable as they are, know-it-all manga/anime fans can ruin it for everyone. If you let them.

Fan Fiction Friday!!! (On Saturday)

As you can probably tell from my previous Fan Fiction Friday choices, I read a lot of angst-y, heart-wrenching fics. I’m not sure what that says about me personally…maybe nothing…but whatever. Fluff really isn’t my thing. However, this week (meant to do this yesterday, of course), I decided to choose something a little more, um, warm and fuzzy. The problem with most fluff is that writers pen stories in which you think, “Whaaa? [Insert character] wouldn’t do/say that!” But when I came across “Awkward” by Pomaceous, I thought it was very cute while pretty much keeping Roy and Riza in character. (Consider this my one fluff recommendation for the year. I don’t want to make this a habit. *shudder*)

Rated T. Grade: B.

What Really Happens When Naruto and Hinata Have “The Talk”

After Hinata’s daring attempt to rescue Naruto, she doesn’t see him again for months. They eventually run into each other on the village streets and this is what happens:

Hinata: *surprised* N-Naruto-kun…I-I didn’t know you were back.
Naruto: Oh, hi, Hinata. *smiles uncomfortably* Yea, I’ve been back for a couple of weeks now.
Hinata: A few…weeks?
Naruto: There’s a lot of clean up and rebuilding to be done. I thought the village could use my help dattebayo.
Hinata: Oh. *looking at the ground* I…thought…th-that you’d come and see me in the hospital when you got back…so that we could…t-talk.
Naruto: I’m sorry, Hinata. *grins sheepishly* I’ve been really busy and I’d been meaning to stop by, but, oh well, I’m here now, right? What did you want to talk about?
Hinata: What did I want to…talk about? *stares blankly at him*
Naruto: Yea.
Hinata: *vein in forehead popping* What did I want to talk about?
Naruto: *looking confused*
Hinata: *channeling her inner Sakura* You mean what did I want to talk about other than me telling you that I love you and then promptly getting my ass handed to me by Pain?!?
Naruto: *swallows lump in throat* Uh, about that. I-
Hinata: And you don’t even have the decency to come and visit me in the hospital?!?
Naruto: Oi, Hinata, I-
Hinata: *punches him with Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists and walks away*